In an attempt to correct some of the severe food shortages in South Africa, KFC started the “Add Hope” feeding scheme.

Now in its 7th year, consumers are no longer parting with their R2 as easily as they initially were.

KFC being synonymous as a cool brand, utilised 360° VR to their advantage in the mass awareness campaign for “Add Hope” in an inspiring and immersive way.

Using a 360° VR video placed within a 300 x 250 pixel standard online banner, we created a captivating mobile-first experience that the audience knowingly and willingly wants to engage with.

Hyper-local targeting was also enabled reaching relevant users that were in a 1-5km radius of a KFC stores, creating a top-of-mind effect and driving users to the nearest KFC in order to ‘Add Hope’ one more time.



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55 400

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68 sec

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