Our campaign managers ensure that campaigns run smoothly and efficiently from start to finish. Each campaign is optimized to provide the most efficient buys, and once they come to an end, in-depth post campaign analyses are constructed to showcase performance and provide actionable insights and data for future campaigns.

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It’s no secret that Facebook continues to be home to the largest active digital audience in the world. With an ability to serve a variety of content formats to audiences that are equipped with Smartphones, this platform remains an unrivalled cost effective marketing tool to both large and small businesses.

Content is still King. With Facebook adverts, advertisers are able to reach exact types of audiences across any geo territory. Here at Mark1, exposing your adverts to desired and matched audiences is part of our craft. Facebook being a one stop for some audiences, we make sure that Facebook campaign turn around times are quick and time effective.  

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Globally, there are over 700 Million active users on Instagram each month. The app continues to be one of the most used Mobile Apps across the various mobile operating systems. Being one of the top 10 most downloaded Apps, it continues to remain a favourite for Brands and advertisers alike for reaching social media users.

Whether driving awareness, increasing customers or merely sharing your brand stories, Instagram offers audiences that are always engaging with brand content. The team at Mark1 are well experienced and versed to offer you and your brands an experience that will drive awareness of your business and product offerings, teach people about your brands and leverage on the engagements to yield conversions such as product sales, drive visitors to your App Store or encourage App downloads. We know how to reach the right people for your brand.

Twitter Top


Since the arrival of Twitter advertising, Mark1 has been at the forefront of this wave of brand trends and product hashtags from inception. We boast about being one of the first digital advertising companies to qualify with Twitter’s Flight School in South Africa, giving our clients and partners a knowledgeable overview of this platform, through our objective-based campaigns.

Whether via Promoted Tweets, Promoted Accounts and Promoted Trends, we execute campaigns perfectly suiting your overall business goals. Our team of campaign experts analyse your campaign performance, unpacking metrics that help you learn about the audiences that engage with your brand, and see realtime results of your campaigns across desktop, mobile phone and tablet devices. Since Twitter is that place where people go in order to find out what’s happening in their world, it’s perfect for brands who want to jump into relevant conversations, adding value to industries and communities anywhere in the world.


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