MARK1 Labs is a user-centric, technology driven design service. Our core focus is the design, creation and building of Rich Media, Dynamic Creative and Standard Display Advertising collateral. We aim to collaborate with you to ensure that the design is not only functional and engaging but also captures the essence of the advertiser’s brand. Everything we do is personalised and campaign specific to create the best possible results for our clients.

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Ad Design

We specialize in the creation and ad serving of Standard Display and Mobile banners that abide by the IAB (The Interactive Advertising Bureau) ad unit guidelines.

These can be in interactive or static non-interactive formats, and are displayed either on desktop or mobile web pages or within a user’s mobile application. These ad units can be used on the Google Display network or through a Demand Side Platform.

This will enable you to deliver a general yet engaging brand message to site visitors and direct them to your preferred online destination.


360° Video & Virtual Reality

Today's consumers demand more from brands and more from ads. They don't just want to be told a story, they want to be a part of it! Virtual Reality and 360° video content creates an immersive experience that allow brands to engage with their audiences for up to 9X longer. We create web banners that work seamlessly on Programmatic ad inventory.

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Rich Media

Engaging and interactive ads built using truly scalable cross-screen HTML5 technology. Cross-screen display units increase user engagement and brand recall, empowering the user with an ad which does not compromise the user experience and increases the time the users engage with your brand.

Our Rich Media is built using the most advanced HTML5 display advertising platform on the market.

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Dynamic Creative

We deliver rich creative with dynamic content, such as news, game results, weather, social media feeds using Dynamic Creative. This is a personalised or unique ad built in real time when an ad server receives an ad request.

The creative is based on the consumer’s interests, past behaviours and intents as well as contextual content, allowing the advertiser to leverage data and deliver targeted ads that are relevant and meaningful to their consumers.

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Web & App Design

We’re here to help you set yourself apart from the clutter on the internet and keep your business top of mind with a modern responsive website.

From a single page site to a more complicated content management system we can assist with your requirements in building your dream website.

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Digital Branding

Mark1 Labs offers an extensive graphic design service. We design branding that is modern, clean and effective ranging from logos and posters to full corporate rebrands.

We will ensure that your new corporate identity works as well on a sign or business card as it does on a website or mobile app.

We will give your brand an identity and create the visual branding guidelines that will characterize and differentiate your company for years to come.


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