Advertisers can create niche audience segments and lookalike audiences to accurately target the most recent and most relevant audience groups across any device.

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Data Management & Analysis

Data Management

Mark1 assists with the strategy and deployment of the latest Data Management tools and technologies to help businesses take ownership of their Customer and Audience Data.  This includes on-boarding, segmentation and activation.

Data Analysis

Our team uses the latest tools to track and analyse data in real time. Collating data across all touchpoints requires specific expertise, as does translating the data into meaningful analysis that is visual and easy to interpret. This intelligence is invaluable for us to assist clients in enabling them to take advantage of digital’s ability to make immediate optimisations and to maximise their marketing spend.

Attribution Modelling

We help clients measure the true ROI of their marketing spend by carefully evaluating all touchpoints along the customer journey.  We then map out this analysis by giving the advertiser a clearer understanding of which channels their customers are on and which are responsible for converting prospects into sales.


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