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Mark1 is now an Official Facebook Partner

Published Date: 12 Mar 2021   

Categories: Facebook, News, Social Media

We have reason to celebrate this month after receiving news that we’re officially a Facebook Preferred Marketing Partner – and just in time for our 12th birthday! 

A testament to our team’s passion and hard work across brands and platforms, this serves as a welcomed nod to a resilient team of innovative digital marketers who craft their campaigns with the utmost diligence and attention to detail, ensuring results for our clients. 

So, what does this badge mean for Mark1 and the future of our operations?  

Super nifty badge – Not only do we get our name in shining lights on Facebook’s Partner Directory, but we also get an official Partner Badge to add to our credentials!  

Jokes aside, it speaks to a more hands-on and official relationship with Facebook. As a verified partner, we gain exclusive partner benefits such as access to all the latest and safest beta testing tools released by Facebook. Namely social media management apps, chatbot platforms, automation tools and small business solutions. Furthermore, the algorithm allows for preferential serving of our campaigns ensuring better performance and top-ranking results.

This will help bolster Mark1’s existing capabilities, expertise and proven track record of customer success and campaign quality. 

Front row seat to Facebook developments – Facebook’s advertising capability has developed tremendously over the past decade with a natural knock-on effect for our industry as well. With early access to forthcoming developments, our team can assure our clients are first-to-market using new ad formats, features, and tools by dynamically implementing them into digital strategies well in advance. In a nutshell, Marketing Partners get more open access to Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp API’s which have been highly guarded as of late to avoid breaching data privacy issues as we move towards a cookie-less digital environment.

Credibility, resources & support – One of the requirements as a Facebook Marketing Partner is a proven transparent business model and track record of successful client relationships. This unlocks access to partner-specific resources and support with Facebook ensuring that their partners are prioritised should any issues arise, and matters are dealt with speedily.

Marketing Partners are also invited to special events (which often involve training on recent platform updates) and get priority developer support, giving the end-user a better experience.

“The Facebook Marketing Partner badge is awarded to companies who meet the highest standards of performance and service. If you’ve got a badge, it tells everyone you’re among the best at what you do.”

We’ve put in the hard miles – To obtain a Partnership, a substantial amount of time and money needs to be spent on the platform – perfecting the art of delivering effective, quality campaigns that meet client objectives. A significant number of clients across categories calling for different campaign builds need to be consistently serviced to a high standard on a monthly basis within Facebook Business Manager – meaning our team has spent countless hours passionately honing their craft for the benefit of their clients.

Obtaining the Facebook Partnership Badge is a major milestone in Mark1’s 12-year history. We’d like to take this opportunity to congratulate our amazing team and innovative clients who trust us to navigate the best way through this digital world.Tayla Calcott – Social Media Manager at Mark1