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The main objective of this campaign was to create brand awareness for the Compuscan and My Credit Check brands (RESULT: This lead to 1223 leads between February and November, which meant that the objective of achieving at least 100 leads per month had been met – 135,66 leads per month from Feb-Oct excluding 5 days in Nov), which both offer secure online credit report downloads. We were also tasked with improving public trust of these brands (RESULT: The improved trust is reflected by the improved combined CTR from the first 30 days) and achieving at least 100 leads per month for the course of 2016.

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Web users often use Google Search to check their credit score or to download credit reports. Alongside a standard Paid Search setup, we implemented a solution where we protected the brand from competitors using a subsidiary – My Credit Check.

After the set-up, the 2 brand would have the ability to occupy space alongside  one another on the search network. While the would result in slightly more “real estate” on the search engine helped us realise our goals of improving trust and driving leads for Compuscan (and My Credit Check).


We used the same keywords in both Search campaigns and monitored CPCs very closely. Compuscan offers credit reports and a few other services, but My Credit Check is solely for retrieving a credit report.

That is why we decided to keep My Credit Check listed 1st and Compuscan 2nd in the search results. It is impossible to always rank #1 on the search engine, and beat international competitors like TransUnion and Experian. Instead we tried to rank the ads alongside one another as far as the budget allowed (always trying to be position 1 & 2).


This leads to 1 223 leads between February & November, which meant that the objective of achieving at least 100 leads per month has been met - 135.66 leads per month from Feb-Oct(excluding 5 days in Nov).

The improved trust is reflected by the improved combined CTR from the first 30 days of running this campaign to the last 30 days.

Compusan CTR - Start Of campaign (1st 30 days): 7.08%

Compusan CTR - End Of campaign (last 30 days): 8.41%

My Credit Check CTR- Start of campaign (last 30 days): 17,43%

My Credit Check CTR – End of campaign (last 30 days): 25,27%

Combined CTR- Start of campaign (1st 30 days): 10.29%

Combined CTR- End of campaign (1st 30 days): 13.06%

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249 115


Compuscan Clicks

29 905


Compuscan Clicks


Leads per Month

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Overlap Rate

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Top Of Page Race

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At Mark1, we focus on performance and results. Our service and reporting is world class – just ask our clients.


A showcase of recent work we’ve done

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Cutting edge HTML5, to load in low bandwidth regions. Highly engaging Ad unit, kept user’s attention for 20 Seconds (the Global Benchmark is 8 Sec on Ad Unit).Campaign results were above the global benchmarks for the banking and finance industry, indicating users enjoyed spending time interacting with the brand. 

The Ad met all of Base 2’s objectives.

*All benchmarks are from Celtra Q3/4 Insights.

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Budget Insurance


Budget Insurance wished to communicate their offering through a digital market channel, whilst effectively reaching the relevant target audience to drive insurance sales at an cost per lead of R150.

To discover the right new users who were yet to be introduced to the brand into the top of the funnel, obtain relevance of the media to this audience and guide these users down the path to conversion whilst ensuring Budget's brand safety.

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Educor Logo



We take pride in offering only the highest level of service to each and every client. Renowned for being early adopters, we have been fundamental in educating South African agencies and brands around Programmatic Technology and why it is a crucial element of Digital Marketing.

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Excellence in AdOps

The Mark1 AdOps team is one of the finest in the country. At last year’s Bookmark Awards, we won a silver pixel for Excellence in AdOps – the only winner in the category. 

This year, AdOps has raised the bar even higher! One outstanding example where we provided not only incredible client service but superior results was the Telkom Summer Retail campaign which flighted between October 2015 - January 2016.

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