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Budget Insurance wished to communicate their offering through a digital market channel, whilst effectively reaching the relevant target audience to drive insurance sales at an cost per lead of R150.

To discover the right new users who were yet to be introduced to the brand into the top of the funnel, obtain relevance of the media to this audience and guide these users down the path to conversion whilst ensuring Budget's brand safety.

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Mark 1 believed that a data-driven programmatic campaign was the best solution.

Mark1 planned to use a variety of data layers and programmatic expertise to accurately reach Budget Insurance’s target audience and reach the campaign objectives.


Re-targeting: We installed tracking pixels on Budget’s website which allowed us to identify users that had visited the site. Using this data, we were able to implement a re-targeting strategy which means that the ads would be served to people who had already expressed interest.

Lookalike Audience: We used the data collected before going live to build a lookalike audience. The audience consisted of users that displayed similar online behaviour to those that had already converted on the Budget Insurance website.

Contextual Targeting: We made use of contextual data to display the media alongside content that was in the context of insurance products, for example, someone was browsing a car dealership website, an ad for Budget’s car insurance was served.

Cross-Device Targeting: We used our technology to connect a specific mobile device to a specific user who displayed intent on their laptop (and vice versa) at an earlier stage. We then identified which device this user is most likely to convert on and re-targeted them on this device.

Brand Safety: We utilised brand safety technology to ensure that the media was displayed within brand-safe environments.


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Over the three months this campaign, ran, 2 268 021 impressions were delivered. This objective put forth by Budget Insurance was met with 3 915 sales leads by way of “Call Me” requests on the site. There were also 45 online sales which came as a direct result of our efforts. We were able to ensure a very low cost per lead of R30,65 (Estimated CPL: R150)

*Please note that these metrics do not include the sales that occurred within Budgets' call center.

Budget Clicks 01

2 058

Clicks Recorded

Budget Call

3 915

Call me requests

Budget Impression Deliverd

2 268 021

Impression delivered

Budget Cost


Saving per lead


A showcase of recent work we’ve done

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Absa Logo

Absa Mega U

Cutting edge HTML5, to load in low bandwidth regions. Highly engaging Ad unit, kept user’s attention for 20 Seconds (the Global Benchmark is 8 Sec on Ad Unit).Campaign results were above the global benchmarks for the banking and finance industry, indicating users enjoyed spending time interacting with the brand. 

The Ad met all of Base 2’s objectives.

*All benchmarks are from Celtra Q3/4 Insights.

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Champion Logo



To deliver maximum engagements on the ads posted on the Lay’s Facebook page during the UEFA Champions League which ran from 16 February 2016 to 31 May 2016. 

To achieve a cost per engagement at the industry benchmark of R1 - R5.

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Telkom Logo



The main objective of the Telkom Summer Retail campaign was to generate 8780 leads as well as deal purchases online for the seven package deals on offer between October 2015 and January 2016.


We established an estimated cost per acquisition of R250 and the aim was to stay within that parameter.

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Compuscan Image
Compuscan Logo

Compuscan Credit Solutions


The main objective of this campaign was to create brand awareness for the Compuscan and My Credit Check brands (RESULT: This lead to 1223 leads between February and November, which meant that the objective of achieving at least 100 leads per month had been met – 135,66 leads per month from Feb-Oct excluding 5 days in Nov), which both offer secure online credit report downloads. We were also tasked with improving public trust of these brands (RESULT: The improved trust is reflected by the improved combined CTR from the first 30 days) and achieving at least 100 leads per month for the course of 2016.

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